Friday, October 22, 2010

3D Juggling 500: Review Time

This is the 500th edition of 3D Juggling and some of you have been with us all the way. Thank you. We value your company as much as those who have joined us this week.  Welcome. Here's a timely look at the archives.

In 2003, we wrote: 

3D Juggling 139: Adjusting nuts

"Do you remember when a computer with the power of a laptop took up several rooms? In those early days, a computer had some problem and the maintenance guru was called. The machine itself was an enormous size, but the glitch was sorted in minutes. The company were rather surprised to receive a hefty bill for a 2 minute job. When challenged, the response came back: "It's knowing which nut to adjust."

TVs, computers and other fiddly pieces of equipment often come with that great button: Reset to default. So when we've twiddled and tweaked and it's still a challenge, we can undo our work and start again.

Unfortunately we don't have reset switches, but are complicated machines, balancing who we are - our body, mind, emotions and spirit with all the factors which make our lives - money, work, family, home etc. Often, deep down we do know what to adjust to make the whole juggling act easier. It's often a question of whether we are willing or able to face it. And if we can't find the answer, often an objective friend or a coach can ask enough insightful questions to begin to find which nut to adjust!"

This is timely because of last week's spending review in the UK.  This will have an impact on individuals and on teams - including those that are 'safe' - who will have to bear the guilt and adapt how they work with those that are not.

If your job is disappearing, it may be time to think very differently about what the future might look like.  That's what we've been doing in Career Makeovers for many years.

If you're working with teams that are disappearing or know they will look very different in the future, they re-enter Tuckman's Storming phase.  This can be a time to acknowledge the reality and move from fighting the change to knowing what the team is here for now.

If you need to manage fallout in any way, Action Learning can help you to have honest conversations and work out what you need to be asking who.

Talk to us about how we can help you, within your budget, know which nut to adjust.

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