Monday, November 01, 2010

3D Juggling 501: No words

On BBC 2s Big Silence last week, Christopher Jameson said "Life would be transformed for the better if we learned to embrace silence". When that's positive it's transformational... but that's not always the case:

Jane writes: "I am reading a book called ‘The Help’ by Kathryn Stockett where she talks about a series of events which initiated a feeling of great bitterness. The character describes how her face went hot and her tongue went twitchy. She didn't know what to say, all she knew was that she wasn't saying it. She knew that the other person involved wasn't saying what she wanted to say either and noticed that there was a strange thing happening where nobody was saying anything yet they were still managing to have a conversation.

Sound familiar? Sometimes we don't respond to what we see and feel because we don't know how to in a way that keeps us safe. Sometimes we don't respond because we don't think it’s our place to do so.

What difference could it make in your organisation if you could help others to acknowledge and respond to what's really going on, to what's being understood through those silent conversations? Could you save the time that is currently being spent on trying to keep the lid on things, and then on dealing with the fallout with the lid flies off? Maybe less time spent dealing with grievances and investigations?

We try to keep our coaching interventions very simple. Simple does not mean easy. We aim to help other coaches achieve simplicity through our Coaching for Excellence development programme, where we strip away all the complexities that have become associated with effective coaching and focus on the core skill of truly listening, of responding to what they see and feel as well as what they hear.

Talk to us about how we can help you through supervision, or about our Coaching for Excellence programme."

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