Tuesday, November 09, 2010

3D Juggling 502: Swiss Balls

Claire writes: "Now that I have got back into a routine at the gym, I am back using Swiss Gym Balls.  Yesterday there were no 55cm diameter balls and the only ones I could find were overblown enormous things which were too wide to lift. I'd like us to have one in the office because they're meant to be a healthy way of sitting at a desk - but they do take up rather a lot of room!

Do you ever have conversations or meetings and come away wondering why all the responsibility or actions are left with you?

Think of the Swiss Ball - if you hold one during a conversation, you will
* be unable to see anyone else in the room
* feel slightly overwhelmed
* ache quite quickly
And you won't have much idea of what the other person is doing!

Responsibility is like a Swiss Ball. If you hold it all during a conversation, you will feel overburdened. And if you have to take it all away.... Responsibility needs to take its rightful place - in the space in between you and your companion.  Or - in a meeting - on the table.  Then you can decide between you who does what and take away a manageable amount of responsibility.

A useful question is: How are WE going to take this forward?

If you work with people who don't like to take responsibility and to give you their swiss ball, and you are a person who likes to fix things quickly and will solve things for them, you can quickly found yourself swamped.  It's still supportive to acknowledge the problem and help them find out how they might solve it.  But picking it up is like picking up a swiss ball!

Although it can be tempting to grab all of the responsibility, remember how difficult it would be to take a swiss ball home in the car - or on the bus.  They're even difficult to get through a door! Maybe you could turn it into a spacehopper!"

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