Monday, December 06, 2010

3D Juggling 506: The great lie

Jane writes: "According to a leading business expert speaking this week ‘Britain would flourish as an international trading nation outside the economic shackles of the European Union’*.  This view contradicts the key argument posed by some that leaving the EU would wreck the UK’s trade prospects.

Take a step back.  Think about some of the things the current government is aiming to do to achieve the level of savings it has committed to find, and to put customers’ at the heart of decision making about how services are delivered.   If you are involved in the design and delivery of services that have been provided by the public sector for many years, how does this feel?

What are you doing to ensure that your service, assuming it is of value, continues to be available when there’s no money to deliver it from within your current organisation?  Are you waiting to see what happens while you worry about the impact that leaving the ‘safety’ of the public sector may have on you?  Or are you talking with the other people and organisations that are, or could, be interested in what you do, with the intention of finding new and sustainable ways of doing it?

Received wisdom may be that there’s a need for your service, that you know best how to deliver it, and that customers want it to be delivered by you – that’s there’s no better alternative.  That may be a great lie.  Your service may be able to flourish independently.  You probably know how to make this happen, although you may need some help to work out how. And if you're in the church or voluntary sector, who do you need to be talking to now?

We have worked with many individuals and teams to help them develop alternative futures.  How could we help you?

*Quote from Ruth Lea, Economist and Director of Global Vision.

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