Friday, January 21, 2011

3D Juggling 512: Trust

Claire writes:  'After a family party last weekend, where one of the children's wheelchair was stolen from the hotel, I decided to Tweet to see if anyone could help us look for it.  Little did we imagine what response we would get.  By Sunday afternoon @3dclaire was trending in the UK.  Someone's husband walked round the local farmers market showing stall holders a photo of the chair to ask for help.  Other people put us in touch with the local media. Others offered supportive comments and offers of practical help. 

We trusted that the wheelchair was safe - and someone broke that trust. People talk about random acts of kindness and equally we experienced random acts of generosity from people who trusted that this was a genuine request and not a scam. Trust goes a long way. And in a world of bad news stories, kindness stands out. What would it be like if we trusted more... and were willing to be generous to strangers? Think about it...

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Doing more with less
There are often cutting comments in the press about the relationship between Cameron and Clegg, often speculating about the degree of trust between them.  The lack of trust saps energy, fosters a climate of suspicion, and replaces teamwork with internal politics.  If this feels familiar we recommend a book called The Speed of Trust by Stephen M R Covey.  Covey gets to the core roots of ethical behaviour and integrity and demonstrates how trust can speed everything up – surely critical in organisations where resources are being cut.  He offers a different approach to thinking about how to do more with less.

His first recommended behaviour is to ‘talk straight’. Be honest.  Tell the truth.  Let people know where you stand. Use simple language. Call things what they are.  Demonstrate integrity.

This is what we do when we coach.  You can learn how via our Coaching for Excellence programme.

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