Friday, January 28, 2011

3D Juggling 513 Mini Jobs

After last week's Juggling on Trust, someone helpfully pointed us to this Reith Lecture called Trust and Transparency

Jane writes: At my Pilates class last night I was having a conversation with someone about their job.  One of the things she said really struck me – that in previous jobs she had always been able to clear her desk at the end of the day, but that now she finds this to be impossible.  She has resigned herself to never being able to get through everything.  It was great to hear that she could cope with this, but it set me thinking about the difference that could be achieved if it was practical to organise some jobs differently so that resource was available for short amounts of time that might help others to ‘catch-up’.  From my experience I’d guess that even an extra 2-3 hours a week could be used effectively to make a real difference.

Then I remembered what I had read about out-of-work benefits and in-work support. How could you benefit from thinking about different work patterns that offer jobs on reduced hours?  What issues would this approach present?  How could you resolve them?

Meet with one of us over a coffee (we’ll pay) and explore how we can help you to bring about some changes in the way that things get done where you are.

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In the white paper ‘Universal Credit: Welfare that Works’, in which the government lays out its plans to merge out-of-work benefits with in-work support.  The success of this approach will depend on the availability of ‘mini-jobs’ that provide opportunities for those on benefits to do small amounts of work without losing them.

Have a look at People Management 25 November 2010

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