Friday, February 04, 2011

3D Juggling 514: Appropriate Luggage

What have you got planned this week?  Last week Jane was working with a senior management team around communication, Claire was working with training incumbents to develop their supervision skills and Lynn was having some important conversations about coaching in education.

Claire writes: I was talking to someone last week who said: 'We need to recognise that transition is a permanent state for my organisation and stop waiting for it to end'.  It got me thinking about travelling!  Even when you listen to the story of Moses and the Israelites getting out of Egypt, transition was a travelling mode.  People on gap years manage to get everything they need into a rucksack and then stay wherever they chose - or can.  They're really flexible to what arises.  I always used to travel with a Swiss Army knife and a sarong.  They're useful for anything! Carry a rucksack and a small tent and you can choose to move fast or stay for a while.

Contrast that to last week's TV footage of travellers trying to get out of Egypt. Their huge suitcases probably contain almost nothing that is useful to an extended stay in an airport. They may have packed for a hotel holiday to see the pyramids or the coast. And when you cannot return to the hotel, you have a problem.

What would you begin to do differently if you recognise that transition is a permanent state for your context?  Think about it...

Meet with one of us over a coffee (we’ll pay) and explore how we can help you to bring about some changes in the way that you manage transition.

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Permanent Transition?
Last week's survey from the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) said that 20% of UK workers fear for their jobs.  In the public sector, that figure rises to nearly one in three workers.

CIPD calls on managers to demonstrate high-quality leadership in order to raise morale and engagement in the workplace. The quarterly survey illustrated the extent to which employees are concerned about their standard of living "as inflation continues to erode the real value of wages".

Almost a third of those surveyed said their standard of living had got worse over the last six months. compared with just 10% who said it had improved.

"If organisations don't invest in developing high-performing managers, they may find better managed competitors racing past on the road to recovery," said CIPD's Ben Willmott. "Employers need to find cost-effective ways of equipping their line managers with the people management skills to support employee engagement and wellbeing."

This is where coaching skills can transform the workplace.  Talk to us about how we can help you help your organisation.  And remember that there is a Career Makeover Masterclass on 5th March for those who need to find a completely different kind of job - internally or externally.

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