Friday, March 25, 2011

3D Juggling 521: Different Places

This week, we've been working with NHS teams on communication styles, equipping clergy to find their next job and having some interesting conversations about how to thrive in a rapidly changing environment. And we have received some feedback: I found the session useful and informative. 3D is really that - the session gave me a 3D perspective on job hunting following redundancy.
Nadia writes from Dubai: "I am learning to adapt to living and working in a different country.  It is an interesting experience. Whilst it is very Western it is not the same as the UK.  I find that my assumptions and expectations have to change.  For example my assumption and expectation on overtaking on a motorway is wrong, here you weave in and out of six lanes of traffic! My assumption that as a woman I can initiate shaking hands when I meet a man is not what happens here. Unless they offer you their hand first you do not offer yours. It’s not better or worse, right or wrong, it’s different.

I have to learn to do things differently.  I have to accept that what I normally do and what I expect has to change and I have to adapt to my current situation.  I am aware that I have to observe, listen, communicate and react differently. It is refreshing, and I notice that my senses have been re-awakened.

It made me think how this relates to the work environment.  As a team leader do you just assume that everyone understands what you expect, do or say? How do you know? What are your assumptions of your team? How do you communicate what you want? What could be done differently?

As a team member, do others really know how you work? What are their assumptions of you and you of them? How do you communicate with others? What needs to be different?

Take some time to look at yourself and those you work with, with fresh eyes, listening ears and different expectations. See if it makes a difference to your work environment. Think about it..."

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Selecting the right person for a role
Meredith Belbin, who developed the notion of ‘team roles’ recently said ‘When you recruit the wrong person with the right qualification you are going to have a challenge in changing the individual’s preferences’.   We don’t believe that there is always a ‘right’ person for a role, although one candidate will be a better fit than others.  If you already use assessment centres, or interview processes with a series of different activities to help you assess competence, you probably use a psychometric tool.  We help organisations make successful selection decisions using a tool called DiSC as part of their approach to assessment. This helps explore chemistry.
Find out more or ask us about our half day DiSC workshop.

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