Friday, January 11, 2008

Juggling in 3D 363: New Diary

Diane writes: "I guess many of you have new diaries. I love getting a new diary, especially one that feels good, has nice paper and plenty of space but also is easy to carry around! I stick with a paper diary, but what I am going to suggest can apply equally well however you choose to record your diary.

What do you write first in your new diary? After you have filled in the first page with all your personal details, what do you put in next? I once had a senior colleague who was an extemely busy man, he had a huge job, he sat regularly in the House of Lords and chaired at least one committee at a national level. He also had some very rich personal interests in art and literature. Every year he bought his new diary in the summer as soon as they came into the shops. The first thing he wrote into that diary, in ink, were his days off and holidays for the whole of the coming year. All of the rest of the appointments went in next, in pencil, because they might change. Only in very extreme circumstances would he change his days off and holidays. Whenever he told people this they looked at him in amazement and you could see the words forming on their lips, "But I couldn't possible do that, my job is far too demanding." The words died on their lips unspoken as they looked at this man who had an incredibly demanding job plus huge responsibilities.

Is it too late for you to put your days off and holidays into your diary? Why not give it a try and see what effect it has on you through the coming year? It could transform the way you manage your work!"

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