Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Juggling in 3D 398: Rabbit in the Headlights

It’s good to have Peronel safely back from her holiday in Crete with XL.

Peronel writes: “My brother texted me in Crete very early in the morning on the day the news about XL broke. My responses were various. Indecision. I had a balance of choices and was tempted to defer to those who “know best”. Yet there was pain in the indecisiveness and the not knowing which way to move. If I acted on one piece of information, was I alienating myself from others? If I waited to be guided by advice from “the authorities”, would I have control over the length of time I would be “caught in between knowledge and action”? Was following my gut instinct to cut and run immediately an overreaction, recognising that this was not an invasion or war, but a breakdown of transportation!

It appeared that I had no one helping me make the decision. That was not true. What was true was that I had no one making the decision for me. I needed to take ownership of the decision in order to regain my sense of balance. Once my first decision was made to get a new flight on the credit card ASAP, I worked through the outstanding issues one by one: find new accommodation, cancel previously arranged accommodation, reorganise transfer details; arrange to borrow some money. And as all of those points became clear, there was someone available either in person or on the phone who was willing and able to help at each stage.

How like life! Make the first step – just do it – and then it’s possible to get moving. So when I made the choice and actioned my decision, I was no longer wobbly, feeble and acting like a rabbit in the head lights. I was out of the glare. And able to accept the help of those who were in a position to help me… As for XL: we still have to have the discussions! Glad I did not wait."

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