Friday, February 27, 2009

3D Juggling 419: Where are you?

There was huge demand for the free tickets for Olympia 13-15 March. They're gone, but you can still get 2 advanced tickets for £22 by entering discount code MX1 at the checkout. We'll be doing Career Makeover Masterclasses every day. £15 if you book in advance for a 2 hour workshop to kickstart your career. In May (date to be confirmed), we're partnering with St Paul's Church Letchworth and the Letchworth Heritage Foundation to put on a free Redundancy Makeover workshop for local residents affected by the recession. More details later.

Claire writes: 'Listening to people talking about their dreams, often for the first time, is a privilege. It amazes me how much thought some people have given to them. What's more amazing is that these dreams often seem to happen in a cupboard with the door shut. So when I asked someone yesterday: What have you done so far to make this begin to happen, it was almost all in her head. 24/7. Whether it's from creativity or a nagging question, a thought that becomes a constant screensaver in your head can actually stop you doing other things and can slow you down.

So if your dream is to start a business, start talking to people - even if only to find out what they do. If it's to change jobs, then start finding out more about the jobs. Not just by staying in your cupboard and surfing , but by beginning to have conversations. Even the inventor in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang had been outside his cupboard before he produced his great flying car. He must have been - he had to find and bring in the resources he needed to make his dream come true!

Where are you? If you're metaphorically sitting in a cupboard, is it time to get out more?'
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