Monday, March 09, 2009

3D Juggling 420: Change of scene

If you're in London this weekend, do come and see us at at Olympia. We are right in front of the entrance at The Thinking Point 13th-15th March.

Claire writes: 'One of the most remarkable things about sleeping under the stars in the desert is that the panorama in the sky when you fall asleep is totally different from the one you see on waking in the night. As you sleep, everything moves! That's how it felt last Wednesday to hear from , our charity for this year. They left a message to say that Cadbury's are going to make Dairy Milk fair trade. Now that one of the major producers has made that commitment, it seems much more hopeful that the others will follow. Once the change is made later in the year, it will take time to get used to buying Cadbury's again!

Often we chip at change with seemingly few results. And then something happens and change comes in like a pile of dominoes falling over. I spoke to someone who wrote a letter a week in an attempt to find a more fulfilling job. After two years, her mission was successful and someone commented that the job had 'landed in her lap'. That's what it looked like! But it was a response to a long term mission. And when the change comes, however much it has been hoped for, it can take time to catch up with where we are now.'

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