Friday, December 18, 2009

3D Juggling 458: Waste Time Well

A very Happy Christmas to you from all the 3D team. The office is closed now until Monday 4th January and we look forward to catching up with you on our return.

Claire writes: 'Most of us will have time off over Christmas. After all the preparations and the rush to clear your work before the holiday, how will you spend your time? Are you scheduled out with family commitments or shifts to cover? Or do you have time to choose? Our Christmas present to you is to ask you to spend some time doing nothing well. It's easy to spend all holiday thinking: 'In a minute I ought to...', to potter and then to end up unsure of what we've done with a sense of having achieved nothing.

Consider the question: If I was to waste time today and feel great about it afterwards, what would I do? It may be choosing to potter and to have no sense of guilt. It may be to choose to spend all day in your pyjamas or to watch back to back Christmas films. Or to sit and stare at a view or read a book.

Whether you choose to waste an hour, a day or even a week, what will you do to waste time well?

Love this? Do us a favour and send it to five people. Who thinks like you? You could send it to someone who needs permission to waste time.

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