Monday, January 04, 2010

3D Juggling 459: Wrapping Paper

Happy New Year to you. We’re all back from various adventures over Christmas and looking forward to working with you in 2010. First stop is to set new dates for Coaching for Excellence. We have found a venue and will let you know dates asap.

Lynn writes: “As soon as I finished the Christmas wrapping for another year, I wondered: Why do you never have the correct size paper left over? Is it just me who cuts the paper the wrong size even after measuring it? And what about all those presents that are really awkward shapes and take a degree in mechanics to work out how to wrap them?

I started thinking about how when you work with a group of people the “same piece of paper” will not fit all and trying to recycle the same idea and information may not always be effective. Similarly why do we approach those unusual people as awkward presents who are difficult to fit within our standard wrapping. How much more interesting are they to work with and when you find a way to wrap them they look so much more interesting under the tree. So in 2010 I am going to expand my wrapping skills and try patching and cutting non-rectangular paper. Perhaps I will even see what happens if I don’t wrap the presents at all… I hope this will help me better celebrate the difference within those I meet and with whom I work.”

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